What to do at Logan Airport with a five hour lay over and a two year old

On a recent trip back from the east coast to sunny southern California we had a five hour lay over at Boston Logan Airport.

What in the world to do?

Well, last time I had a few hours to kill at Logan I really wanted to go to my favorite Pizza place in Boston, Santarpios. That previous attempt was disastrous. Getting from the Airport to Santarpios by car was near impossible and we wound up in the North End with a car load of kids needing a bathroom and all the sudden no time left to even get pizza. It was very bad memory.

I was gonna erase that memory and create a new, improved memory, this time we were gonna WALK!

Got out the old iPhone 4 and realized that a mere 1.4 miles away lay a boisterous lunch for us all.

Of course the fact that we had the largest infant car seat that money can buy (also the safest) and nothing to put it in was a bit of a challenge. But then I remembered my amazing, new backpack which is the number one pack used by police forces throughout the country, had these straps just waiting to be used.

I got that thing on and away we went. It was a brisk but perfectly clear day in Boston and walking from terminal to terminal and then out past the nine foot tall checkpoint charlie-esque security wall was a joy.

It was an uneventful trip and when we got to within a block or so of the restaurant we stumbled onto East Boston Memorial Park a beautiful, huge public park that we could take full advantage of after filling our bellies. We also spied with our own little eyes a free bus stop to take us right back to terminal B and on our way for a six and a half hour flight!

We got there and all agreed that this is really a good pie, if it were not for the fact that we felt we had walked directly onto the shooting set of “The Town” and that there was a guy butchering an entire rear end of a cow in the kitchen, it was near perfect.

No, I am not peeing in the park

No point to the post, I just had to say it was the best time in between flights I have ever had in my life.

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