Snot Sucker

Everyone does it, everyone has issues with it, no one really wants to talk about it.

Going back about fifteen years I can remember discovering my first snot sucker, the wonderfully simple NeilMed flusher. It came up on a job because we were all working in a dark dank dusty environment and someone suggested flushing out your sinuses after work as a way to keep from getting sick. That night while perusing the aisles of the local CVS, there were multiple crew members lurking about and preparing to blow some snot.

I have been a huge fan ever since. (and judging form the products on the NeilMed website, I am not the only one, they even have a new ear wax removal kit!, buts that a different body part.)

NeilMed became a regular part of my personal hygiene. It is amazing what comes out of your sinus cavity especially after spending 12 hours in a dusty warehouse.

When my first son had issues of a smaller upper nasal cavity that lead to chronic infection, but was fearful of the forceful nature of the NeilMed bomber and found this device. A gentler, more peaceful way to blow snot. Basically a water pick for the nose. The Grossan HP-100!

I works great and is quite easy on the schnoggin.

The next hurdle was deal with infants, when my second son came along and I was committed to sucking as much snot as possible in order to thwart illness, I had to find a suitable device. By this time there was plethora of snot sucking devices on the market.

I have had marginal success with the Graco Nasal Clear Aspirator (not nearly as well named as the Grossan HP). The Graco device takes a battery and produces enough suction to deal with a delicate infants nose. But in retrospect it really was not a great investment at $20, a part broke after a year or two and it just did not always have the umph to do the trick. Infants may be small, but they can pack a lot of snot!

I thought I was back to square one until I heard about an amazing new device. New in design, but as old as the wind in concept. People have always talked about manually sucking snot from an infants nose, and I have indeed tried it (once) and it is not only somewhat unpleasant, it has got the be the easiest way to get your self sick in the world.

But with the NoseFrida you get to use this age old technique without the fear of inhaling a large amount of baby snot. The website clearly states:

  • It’s smart.
  • It’s Swedish.
  • It’s maybe a little strange.

It really works great and it is inexpensive to boot. (which is should be as you could make one for about 50 cents) and you can even watch a instruction video on the proper snot sucking technique, which IMHO is worth the price of admission.

Frida even comes with a instructional video:

There you go, everything you needed to know about sucking snot in one place. Good luck!

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