It’s the small things that count

I live a pretty simple life these days, you can see so for yourself at possibly the most popular blog I have started, The Continuing Adventures of Luke and Lilly.

But in the mean time I had a great moment of having not one, but TWO of my tee shirts show up in the ubiquitous wide open. One was pretty straight forward, a teacher at my sons school really wanted one of my 403 shirts after I told him the story of my 403, and one day I walked into school and we were both wearing the shirt. No big deal, I understand, but it brought a huge smile to my face.

Around the same time someone (one of the very few) bought a TOBOR shirt and promised me to send a photo of her with it it on at ComicCon NYC, which just happened, and the photo came and that is the sole reason for this post.

Thanks Ty and Karen for being not my only friends, but friends that share the most intimate part of my inner hankness

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Who me? Well, Uh, I used to have a website (still do) that I love(d) and always wanted it to be pretty much a blog, even though blogs did not exist when I started the site. Like a daily newspaper of all things Hank is the way I always looked at it. So now, I crumbled and have a blog like the rest of humanity.
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