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I recently started a new category here on blog of Hank entitled “Fifteen Minutes”., based on the famous Andy Warhol quote: “Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”.

So, with each episode I that I yield a bit more coverage in this new wide world of crazy Promethian Media Revolutionary information I get a little bit closer to my own personal fifteen minutes. Right now, July 16th’s chunk o’ minutes is an interview that I did for the current episode of KCRW‘s “The Business” on the subject of pirated movie dvd’s.

The Business: Sidewalk DVD’s; Protecting Ideas in Hollywood

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Who me? Well, Uh, I used to have a website (still do) that I love(d) and always wanted it to be pretty much a blog, even though blogs did not exist when I started the site. Like a daily newspaper of all things Hank is the way I always looked at it. So now, I crumbled and have a blog like the rest of humanity.
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