Backup Wallet

I used to carry a wallet that looked like this:

(not actual wallet)

Then I met my wife, and after a now famous date, where she helped me get over the “carry every card you ever applied for” syndrome and reduced my wallet a finer, more refined version.

what this means is that I can carry my wallet in my front pocket and not in the back where it caused me piriformis syndrome.

OK, now wallet is good.

Recently I misplaced my svelte wallet just before leaving town for three weeks. I kept it light in my mind, cancelling the two credit cards in said wallet and grabbed my passport for the trip. It was an even greater feeling of release to be traveling with an ultra thin wallet consisting of one credit card.

Over the course of my life I think I have misplaced my wallet three times? Two of those times I got it back. The truth is that for the most part I think people are honest and if they find a wallet, they want to return it to the rightful owner. Case in point. In the days of my highest hippiedom where extra cash was a gold ticket to fun-time, I was walking along the street with a pal in Santa Cruz, CA and we found a wallet which contained $1200 in cash. What did we do? We returned it.

Just today I was at the cafe where I had last seen my wallet a month ago (and where I had called that day to check and see if they had found it) and I figured I would ask again. The gal said, yeah, I think we do have your wallet, and low and behold they did. It seems the hardest part about returning the wallet is how to get in touch with the rightful owner. Why had my wallet sat at the cafe for a month? Well, because there is no easy way to contact the rightful owner, and that is why I am here today at the interactiveblog of hank to make this offer.

Today I am putting a little p-touch label in my wallet that reads “owner 310.948.XXXX”. It is something I have seen other folks do and always thought it was a bit tawdry. But now I am reformed.

Want one for yourself? I am happy to oblige. If you do not know anyone with a p-touch, just email me with whatever you want on your labels and a snail mail address and I will send you free wallet saver stickers, you heard me, FREE OF CHARGE!

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