I am also an inventor

I’m also an inventor.
I’ve been an inventor since grammar school when I made a book called the Henry Clines’ Book (sic). The book is filled with detailed drawings of cars and ships and the usual things that ten year old boys like to draw, but there are also a number of DIY machines. Detailed schematics of many fabulous inventions such as the following. (click thumbnail for better view)


The Sandwich Machine

The French Fry Machine

The Hamburger Machine

The Pizza Pie Machine

The Popcorn Machine

Leonardo da Vinci

One of my favorite books around this time was “The Leonardo da Vinci Sketchbook” (there’s an app for that), filled with wonderful machines and ideas and detailed drawings, many of which also never saw the light of day as well. Heretic! If I had only acted early and patented them when I should have, I could now be sitting around blogging all day long.

Do you see mere resemblance between my inventions and this Japanese Pancake Sandwich Maker?

Take this for example, the other day I was at the airport and I was shocked to find one of my better inventions right there in front of me. I have long understood that the best and only real place to advertise for men is on the wall directly above a urinal. Though this item at the airport missed the mark a little bit, it is still a clear infringement.

[quicktime width=”360″ height=”640″]http://interactivehank.com/docs/movs/mirror.advert.small.mp4[/quicktime]

Luckily, I still have one bathroom related idea left. The woman’s urinal wand. It is a flexible wand that can be placed in the right spot which also has a retractable plastic roll for hygienic purposes. Just think how many of these things you could fit in a single ladies room? The line for the mens room would be longer than the line for the womans room.

I could go on and on, but I wont. The only other item that deserves a small space here is Hank’s Ancho-Chilli Paste. I invented it awhile back while refining a recipe for the worlds best turkey chili and realized I had stumbled on a marketable, nothing like it in the world, culinary treat. This is the one item that I truly believe could sell and be profitable. If anyone out there wants to run with it, let me know. The only two people in the world that have the recipe are Tim Hennessy and John Lindley, so if it gets out, I know exactly where to look.

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