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My son Jack asked me to help him start a blog. We wandered over to WordPress.org and registered a name (he knew exactly what he wanted to call it of course) Logically Musical.
I am impressed and proud to see how he has so quickly developed a style and a learning of the wordpress format, I guess it is one of those moments when you can see how someone much younger than you is one day going to be able to do things much greater that you ever could.

This is not a post about his blog, it is a post about his visit the other day to my workplace.

I work as a camera operator and currently employed at the vast amusement park called Universal Studios. Jack wanted to come visit and I was happy to oblige.

Jack has shown interested in making films. He was very excited to be there and the camera dept I was with was very accommodating, instantly setting him up on the closed channel walkie talkies so he could hear all the behind the scenes action.

The last scene of the morning had the main character step into his house through the front door, look around and then immediately leave the way he came in. This consists of two pieces of  “coverage” one seeing him enter the door and look around and then a reverse cut called his POV, an empty room with the camera panning the environment.

Jack came in and sat behind the dolly while we shot the main character at the door looking into his empty house. Once we had decided to move on to his POV there would be ten to fifteen minutes of moving the camera and re-lighting for that shot. Jack wandered off and I pretty much forgot about him for the time being.

We rolled on the POV and about 25 seconds in guess who comes wandering up the steps of the back door? Jack!

The best part is he had to walk past about 15 crew members hiding in the corner who never noticed him until he was onscreen as I did.

Jack’s first cameo


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Who me? Well, Uh, I used to have a website (still do) that I love(d) and always wanted it to be pretty much a blog, even though blogs did not exist when I started the site. Like a daily newspaper of all things Hank is the way I always looked at it. So now, I crumbled and have a blog like the rest of humanity.
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