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updated 3.3.07

I have probably gotten more positive feedback from this area than any other on Hank.com. Please feel free to send me your comments, and while wasting your time here, why not buy a $7 tee shirt?

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It's the Palm Tree Movie, what else can I say? If you have not seen it, it is must viewing for any patron of hank.com.

If you have seen it, time to look again.

Have not idea what this is about, read this.

1.66 megs

1970 Levi's commercial that will "blow your mind" 3.3 MB

A personal fave, my first iMovie product and I am still proud of it.

Starring my sister Rachel Cline, click on her name to go to her new website surrounding the buzz behind her first novel entitled: "what To Keep" being published by Random House in April, 2004.

1 MB


Fan made video explosion of sight and sound for the chart topping William (Cappy Kirk) Shatner rendidtion of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" (LSD not required)

4.4 MB

After 2 years of thinking about it I finally finished this abstract short culled from video I shot while filming on an aircraft carrier. 7.5 MB
Clip from one of many Bugs Bunny cartoons that I think shows quite well how uncommon the little rabbit really was. 1.4 MB

Jack, Jack, Jack. A small item that almost captures a moment in time where Jack just loved to watch me fall towards him and spread my hands just at the last minute, like the "game" we used to play at camp. 475 K

One of the only 60's Japanese anime shows that NOBODY knows about. A guy who is part robot and heads up a secret wing of the Tokyo police force.

Remeber The 8th Man smokes, TOBOR doesn't

768 K

Hank and Kappy tear it up on a DDR machine. Nuff said. Stupendous. 710 K

Wacky, yet real.

Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble sneek around the back to grab a smoke and avoid some chores.


The Sweater Movie. A gratuitous use of the so called Ken Burns effect and to make matters worse it is put to a slice of classic Beatles music. But, guess what? It is awesome, because it stars JACK! 2.2 MB

This kid named David Elsewhere keeps winning the Kollaboration dance contests. His moves are other worldly.
There is a clip from the 2003 and 2004 awards show on the "play" page.
Kollaboration is a cutting edge, pioneering production company
promoting entertainment in the Asian Community.

9.7 MB

6.4 MB

One of the first pieces of DV of my son Jack. He is maybe 6 months old and by mere chance I got him smiling at just the right moment. I fun little piece of tape and a great introduction the the world of Jack. 475 K

Part homage, part historical. Perry Mason promo trailer from KDOC. 2.33 MB

The Worlds Largest Obie Light.

Behind the scenes clip from Hank's latest project, "The Untitled Onion Project"

It may be the closest anyone ever gets to this famed unreleased classic.
1 MB

If you think the Captain Kirk version of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" is freaky, check out this impossibly bizarre song/video by Mr. Spock! 4.1 MB


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