There is no point to this post, does there ever really need to be a point to a post?

I have long had a deep seated interest in mushrooms, there was a summer in Wellfleet, Cape Cod, MA I went out and bought an edible mushroom book and foraged for schrooms in my mom’s yard. I sauteed and ate some boletes and chanterelles, at least I think they were boletes and chanterelles, oh and the funky, funny, ever loving Chicken of the woods. They were indeed quite delicious, but I was a bit nervous about the whole process.

There was also a time, around that time, oh what a time it was! that a friend and I built a mycelium chamber and thought we would grow our own psilocybin. No idea why it didn’t work out, those mushrooms are just pesky I guess. We were pretty serious, ordered spores from some online joint, made a “clean” inoculation chamber, followed all the rules, but basically wound up with a small amount of white fuzz in a petri dish.

that was then, this is now.

I opened the green bin (the garbage bin for yard waste) the other day and there was bean sprout growing up out of the floor of it. It

was not that surprising as my son Luke and distributed a whole bag of navy beans throughout the yard, but still I was impressed by the steadfastness of that little legume.

It is not a mushroom, but that sight reminded me instantly of a moment when I first arrived at SUNY Purchase in 1999(?).

After being told by the local cop that he never wanted to see my car again as it was uninsured and unregistered, I went out and bought a can of blue paint and hand painted it. While I was doing some last minute detail work found a mushroom growing up on of the passenger floor mat.

That is actually why I thought of writing this, knowing that since I scanned my entire photo archive (6000+), I knew I had a photo of that ‘little mushroom that could” on the floor of my now sky blue hand painted 1968 Volkswagen Squareback. It seems like it all adds up to a post of some kind or another.

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