Tongue Scraping

Just the other day my lovely wife asked me where I first heard about tongue scraping. I referred her to my old dusty, yet amusing, website, but then realized this is the perfect thing to bring forth into the new order, so here is a re-post from old to new on the timeless issue of tongus fungus.

You may not believe it, or you may not want to hear about it. But a tongue scraper changed my life. For many years I have been scraping my tongue and all I can say is goodbye to morning breadth, garlic mouth, and any other freaky smellatosis tongue related ailment. Tongue scrapers work, of course some work better than others. That is why the interactive blog of hank is offering a direct link to the best tongue scraper available on the net.

This is what they say about the problems of tongue on the “SoFresh” website:

Dental Research concludes that bacteria on the surface of the tongue is a major source of Bad Breath. The surface of the tongue which resembles a thick FILTHY plush carpet under a microscope is the main breeding grounds for the bad breath causing bacteria that generates foul smelling sulfides and fills the mouth with noxious gases that smell like rotten eggs and barnyard. Your tongue is covered with millions of these evil bacteria, emitting a strong malodorous. SoFresh Tongue Scraper easily and effectively removes unwanted bacteria and decaying debris from your tongue. SoFresh ensures fresher, kissing sweet breath, better health and revived taste buds making your food come alive.

They even have a movie!

So go out and get yourself one today and make new friends to boot!

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