eBay Phish

I just sold my previous (4th) iPhone on eBay for about $200 (covering the cost of my upgrade to a new iPhone). Along the way I got a handful of email phising scams trying to get me to end my auction and sell the phone directly. The best one was this:

Hello Seller.

I saw the placement of your Mobile phone on Ebay site and i wish to make an immediate purchase of the phone for my Pastor as a gift for his upcoming birthday. So tell me the recent working condition of the phone and the final asking price so that i can arrange for the payment from my bank to your account.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

It is a pretty scary world out there right now, a few months ago my entire banking account was hijacked and wire transferred to a bank in Jakarta, Indonesia. But that story will have to be on another post. Don’t worry, it is a good one!

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