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That is the sig on my outgoing emails on my current iPhone. My sis asked me why, or more directly if she could have any of the first four. Alas, I am afraid there are all gone, one way or another. Press on reader.

iPhone One
After taking home a brand new Sony Vaio so I could spend every waking hour modding my StarTac, I realized I had a problem.
I had spent many hours combing the deep dark avenues of motorola modding sites in order to have my StarTac customized with custom ringtones and a completely unique GUI, everything seemed hunky dory until I finally bricked my phone.

That was it, no more messing with cell phones.

I waited about a year into the iPhone frenzy, when one day I was walking by an ATT store and said, (methinks it was my birthday now), “I have been a good boy and not messed with my StarTac since I bricked the last one (and sent it in under a warranty for a full replacement), so I am gonna by me an iPhone. That was iPhone One.

iPhone Two
When the 3G iPhone came out I was anxious and I wanted it, but I waited. I was so in love with my iPhone by now, how could it possibly get any better? Lucky for me my girl freind (now wife) was in need of an iPhone. We decided to go and wait online at 7:30am on a Tuesday having already checked the “on hand” status light on the Apple web page for our nearest Apple Store. Before leaving I figured I might as well check to see what I could sell my old (could it already be old?) iPhone for. I could sell a new iPhone 3G unboxed for $1000 on eBay. Not feeling particularly greedy at the time, but certainly committed to the reality that I was about to get a new phone. I placed iPhone Two on eBay with a “Buy It Now” of $290. It sold in less than three minutes to a guy in Hawaii who was shocked at how lucky he was. I had just gotten iPhone Three for free.

iPhone Three
About a month later I was walking around the very mall where I had purchased iPhone Three. I dropped my iPhone, it landed flat on its face and spidrered the screen. I walked into the Apple store thinking I could talk my way into a free replacement, had no such luck. The best they could offer was a full hardware replacement for $175. The Genius assured me that this was a considerable savings off the $399 list price. The thing I never understood was that I had only spent (is only the right word!!) $175 in the first place? I plonked down more Apple funny money. My sickness was fully established.

iPhone Four
All was fantastic with iPhone Four, I bought a case and put on the best clear screen protector I could find. It was heaven, no issues, no signal, no problem. As we all know the iPhone is not a cell phone, if it were Apple would not have shattered an industry with them. It is merely the coolest gadget made by man and I use it all day long, period. Upgrades are now automatic, especially with the “sell previous one eBay, get the new one free” method.

iPhone Five
I am completely hooked, as soon as the iPhone 4 was announced, I placed an order on the website.

This is the iPhone I now carry and it continues to amaze me. I truly never believed that I would be carrying such a sleek, powerful, computer in my hand within my lifetime. I use my iPhone for almost everything. I could really care less about the signal issues and the supposed lack of service from ATT (I have a very long love/hate relationship with ATT which has been outlined here at interactive blog of hank) I feel totally at peace becasue I have the direct phone number of a customer service representative at the office of the President, but that is a different blog post.

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