Hank Tee Shirts

I love tee shirts.

You can buy a shirt here or go over to my new tee shirt shop for a much better experience.

Over time I have made tee shirts for events, concerts, and of course just for the shear pleasure of owning a unique design. I have hundreds of tee shirts in my drawers, though recently I had to cull the ones that were yellowed or had shrunk to an embarrassing and diminutive size. But now I have all the unused ones in a drawer and Jessica is going to make a cozy-wozy patchwork quilt out of them someday, what a freakin’ cool idea.

I have a few designs for sale, and a few more in the line up waiting for that moment when pure inspiration strikes me.

I like a 100% cotton shirt and I like it with thick screen printing, like in the old days, I hate Cafe Press and anything that is not screen printed. Though I do use Zazzle for one offs and odd jobs with decent results. Just don’t expect them to look good after 25 washings. People seem pretty happy with the quality. Even Zazzle has seen the light and has added a reasonably priced screen printing service.

All my prices include USPS Priority shipping in the US. If you live somewhere else, we can work that out later.

My most popular design. The only TOBOR the 8th Man tee shirt in the world.

My most recent creation. Again, a one of a kind design icon. The Peugeot 403. Very limited run, but I can always get more printed if all of the sudden there is a huge outcry for a tee shirt with the image of a car that has not been manufactured in about 40 years on it.

This is my web logo that I created using a wood cut graphic I found at the Library of Congress graphics trove. The printing on this one is not up to my standards, so it sells at a considerable discount. Price still includes USPS Priority shipping though.

I recently re-discovered Clanky and I love Clanky, and now you can to. Never heard of Clanky? Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. Clanky is the first shirt that I have made using the screen printing services from Zazzle. It is a lot cheaper that most screen printing houses and comes with that thick, inky print instead of those practically see through ones from the screen transfer prints. I did a small run, two Cream and Green, both on American Apparel tees. Large and X-Large only. I gotta see how far this Clanky thing can go. (2019 update: it didn’t go far at all. Not a single sale. After a few years in storage I just brought them all over to the Good Will, Oh well!)

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